Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pauanesia scarves 2017

I've been asked to weave another range of scarves for Pauanesia based on New Zealand native birds.
I got home from Australia late on a Friday and was at the loom first thing Saturday morning.  Nothing like a deadline to get me moving.

First up Kotuku, the white heron.
Kotuku breed in South Westland.  After breeding they disperse widely to coastal freshwater wetlands throughout the country.
Image result for kotuku

 Then the black Robin or Chatham Island Robin.
Black Robin on Rangatira Island.jpg
This sparrow sized bird is endangered with just 250 birds at present.  In the 1980s the population was down to just 5 birds including one fertile female "Old Blue".

And the red is inspired by the red beak of the pukeko.
Image result for pukeko

I'm working on the second half of the order but came down with a winter bug so production is at half speed.

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